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Auto Window Repairer — Auto Smash Repairs in Bundaburg, QLD
Platinum's story started in a garage filled with dinged up, busted vehicles that no repair shop wanted to work on, regardless of offered compensation. My partner and I recognised a serious flaw in the system that could be mended easily by the willingness to do the work that others strayed away from.

Many companies and individuals were left without a vehicle because insurance companies would lowball the compensation mechanics received under a given policy.

So began the birth of an exclusive panelbeating provider who focused strictly on the vehicles being denied repair that existed collecting dust in the dark corners of garages never to be seen or heard from again.
This is why we continue to work on efficient expediting and quality auto repairs for cars that would serve much more use on the road than in the junkyard.

Bundaberg's own Platinum Panel & Paint provides turnkey auto repair services for individuals and corporate fleets who need a more convenient solution to their insurance claims or smash repair dilemmas.

So if you recently got into an auto wreck that has prevented you from accessing your vehicle, then we assure you, you are in the right place!

Check out the FAQ section for frequently asked questions regarding smash repairs and how it all works.

1) How long do repairs generally take?
We generally tell our customers that auto work will run about 2 hours because that's commonly the amount of time it takes on average.

2) Do I have to tell my insurer who I'm receiving auto repairs from?
You should be able to find an answer to that in your policy contract with whoever you chose to get insurance with. If not, then call your insurance provider and come to us after, so we know how to go about your process.

3) What's the best way to receive a smash repairs quotes?
If the car is still drivable, bring it by the shop. If it isn't, try to take as many detailed pictures as possible so we understand the full scope what needs to be done.